Why PowerLink?

PowerLink is world-renowned as the market’s premium power solutions. Our distributors understand that our products and solutions are of high quality and reliable – a testament to why we are globally recognised.

Our strength is derived from our expertise in Design, Logistics, Durability and After-Sale services that make PowerLink top of class.


PowerLink invests heavily in our R&D department that works towards making generators more robust and output orientated.

Whether it is the engine, alternator, control system, or electrical components leading all the way to joining parts such as bolts and nuts.
Each component is meticulously engineered, undergo rigorous stress tests, and have their results collected before being released into the market.

It is due to this reason that PowerLink diesel generators are much quieter, long lasting, environmentally sustainable while still having enhanced performance.

To meet customer requirements, PowerLink manufactures diesel generators which include both open and close diesel generators.

Customers can always request their preference over the selection of engines along with other applications and PowerLink can accordingly arrange to meet their demands. In addition, PowerLink also manufactures Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and Load Banks for automated functions and load distribution for of the diesel generators. 

All the diesel generators once manufactured are bound to go through the quality control process.

Here, various type of testings are done on the diesel generators to ensure the performance and safety of the generator.

Regarding configuration and setting up, all the generators comes along with the layout drawings, wiring diagrams, PI&D reports and the operations manual that make it easy for the user to do the connections and installation as per the requirement.

PowerLink is also flexible in catering to customised product design and bespoke engineering per project.


PowerLink generators are easy to transport because the way it is designed and assembled.

To move it around, it comes with both a central lifting point and as well fork slots through which it can be easily manoeuvred.

PowerLink Generators are transported around the globe through different means whether it by air, sea, land or other unique considerations. As per the user requirement, the generators can be shipped directly to the customer site or the project site.

The customer can always track the shipping and transport moment with PowerLink when it comes being loaded, arriving to port and the dispatchment.


Companies can’t afford to risk their businesses due to power shortages or blackouts at any time.

Therefore, a generator is expected to work at the time of necessity and can work under in certain conditions without any interruptions.

PowerLink generators are durable and build very well to operate under extreme conditions. Its ability to face harsh conditions such as humidity, heat and dryness reduces risks of being corroded.

The generators are water-resistant. To keep the generators safe, the control panels, intake, exhaust are protected, covered and well insulated. Many choose PowerLink generators because those are steadfast and have long life expectancy.

After-Sales Support

Customer satisfaction is ranked as the top priority. To fulfil this criterion, PowerLink ensures that support is provided during initiation, delivery and aftersales.

Initially, all the diesel generators are tested, commissioned and ensured for meeting international and local standards before they are delivered to the customer. In addition, mine spec requirements can be fully integrated as advised by the customer to meet Australian standards.

Though diesel generators are required to be maintained and serviced at all the time, technical faults might be encountered when generators are either in standby or prime mode. The issues could emerge due to mechanical and electrical faults or other problems such as some damage occurred due to roughness, lubrication or electrical wiring.

This can result in unnecessary shutdowns or reduced performance. PowerLink through its trusted network provides the platform where these generators are serviced.

Initially, all the reports for current performance will be collected and the possible causes will be identified. Accordingly, the list of problems will be resolved one by one by carefully applying solutions and eliminating the issues.

PowerLink products are covered with genuine warranty.

The products range include whole range of main parts, spare parts and related accessories. We are just a call away from the customers and once approached, a whole dedicated team is available to take the request and resolving it on an immediate basis.

Companies doing business with PowerLink feel empowered and finds them a reliable partner to support their business.  

PowerLink is also committed to their partners success by providing them valued services and meeting their on-going demands resourcefully and timely.

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