What mobile lighting tower is right for your rental fleet?

So you’re needing to add some new lighting towers to your rental fleet, but not sure what’s available in the market?

There’s no need to look any further than PowerLink’s range of mobile lighting towers. With an option to suit most requirements, combined with an inhouse service and maintenance team, a PowerLink mobile lighting tower will be the best investment you make for your rental fleet.

The Allrounder: MS2000 Mobile Lighting Tower

The MS2000 is our most versatile mobile lighting tower. Featuring 4 x 500W LED lights that deliver over 200,000 lumens of light, the PowerLink MS2000 is suitable for roadworks, emergency services and construction sites.

Quick Facts

  • Powered by the always reliable Kubota engine.
  • Long range fuel tank (80L tank capacity) allowing for up to 2 weeks of operation.
  • Auto-mast lowering system with off balance protection to minimize the risk of tipping over during operation (optional).
  • Available in 48V and 240V models
  • Rigid structure and easy to tow
  • 4 pole lockable battery isolator
  • Controller timing with auto start-up/shutdown function.
  • Central lifting point, forklift slots and tie down/winching points.
  • Compact in size (can fit 8 units per semitrailer).

The Event Specialist: MS1800S-KDC Soft Lite Mobile Tower

Most suitable for events like concerts, sporting games and music festivals, the MS1800S-KDC has 4 LED soft lights that produce over 180,000 lumens of light without too much glare. The MS1800S-KDC is powered by Kubota and will provide you with 138 hours of light under a full load.

Made for small spaces: FS2000 Compact Mobile Lighting Tower

Affectionately known as the cube, the FS2000 is the perfect option for inner city roadworks and small spaces where light is required. This standalone unit is powered by Kubota and has a mast that reaches over 8m, providing you a vast amount of light within a small footprint.

The FS2000 produces only 53db(a) at 7 metres, meaning that it’s not only super small but also quiet enough to work around the clock in urban areas.

Built to last: ALT2000-KDG Mobile Mining Lighting Tower

The toughest of our lighting towers is the ALT2000. Built to last, the ALT2000 is designed for the rugged terrain of the mining industry and off-road projects.

It’s powered by the reliable Kubota engine, utilises LED technology to produce over 200,000 lumons of light with a lower fuel consumption. Maintenance is simple with easy access to the engine.

Want to know more?

As both the manufacturer and supplier, PowerLink is constantly investing in producing products that are reliable and high-performing but also cost effective to run. Our friendly team is available to answer any questions you have. Simply email us at info@powerlinkworld.com.au and we can arrange a time to chat about your requirements.

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