Case Studies – Diesel -Commercial

PowerLink has successfully delivered around 125,000 generators into to users in 98 countries. We are dediated to provide high quality products and excellent engineering work.

Here we selected some representative projects in main applications. You can find what you need in related industry and similar application, no matter in generators projects or in gas generators projects. When you receive our generators and see where they are located, you will find obviously excellence performance both in products and service.


  • Australia Shopping Mall Power Project

    • Location: Australia
    • Equipment: 1*WPS1500S
    • Electric output mode: Standby Supply
    • Field / fuel: Shopping Mall / Diesel
    • Total output power: 1.5MVA
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  • Philippines Power Generation Project

    • Location: Philippines
    • Equipment: 3*WPS200D6S & WCS450D6S
    • Electric output mode: Prime & Standby Supply
    • Field / fuel: Leisure Centre / Diesel
    • Total output power: 1MVA
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  • Sand Processing South Coast NSW: AJS Machinery

    AJS Machinery is a family owned and operated business located in Western Sydney and is a distributor of PowerLink Australia. AJS recently supplied this location with a PowerLink generator. This PowerLink Generator is being used to process sand which is dredged from the river and will eventually become a mariner on the South Coast of...
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