Sand Processing South Coast NSW: AJS Machinery

AJS Machinery is a family owned and operated business located in Western Sydney and is a distributor of PowerLink Australia.

AJS recently supplied this location with a PowerLink generator.

This PowerLink Generator is being used to process sand which is dredged from the river and will eventually become a mariner on the South Coast of NSW.

There are other PowerLink Diesel generators all across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania which are currently powering other projects just like this one.

Customers choose PowerLink as it is clearly evident that PowerLink diesel generators are able to withstand harsh conditions while still performing optimally and reliably.

Our galvanised canopy, along with our highly durable components can be seen withstanding even the roughest of environments.

Customers trust PowerLink Diesel Generators because we are a step above – in terms of build quality, and engineering.

AJS Machinery is just one of the many quality distributors that distribute PowerLink Diesel Generators, Gas Generators, Lighting Towers, Air Compressors, Load Banks, Transfer Switches and more.

To become a trusted PowerLink Distributor, feel free to contact us.

Your business can join the network of PowerLink Distributors all across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

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