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Our diesel generators are reliable power generation sources used across multiple industries including mining, agriculture, construction, and the rental market. Available in a wide power range, from 6kVA to 3250kVA, all PowerLink diesel generators meet the Australian and New Zealand electrical standards and can cover various global emission standards.

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PowerLink QSV Range
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PowerLink QSV Range MC Series

The MC Series of the PowerLink QSV Range of diesel generators has a power output from 22kVA to 500KVA and are powered by the renowned Cummins engine. 

As part of the PowerLink QSV range, the MC series is designed has been specifically designed and manufactured to ensure a reliable standby generator that will automatically observe power quality changes. Once fluctuations are noticed, the QSV standby diesel generator can respond to provide a stable power output.

This type of generator was created to offer a durable and trustworthy product that we had yet to see elsewhere on the market. Our QSV generators are powered by reputable engine brands including Kubota, Cummins, and PowerLink.


The PowerLink QSV range can be relied on to work with big load steps without the risk of shut-off or overload. The large fuel tanks provide a long-lasting operating cycle before you need to refill. It has been specially designed with an anti-corrosion exhaust muffler for superior noise reduction performance.

With a smaller footprint than conventional diesel generators, PowerLink QSV generators offer ease of use with high-tech control panels, budget-friendly pricing, and a renowned name in power. We also provide support and service including installation, maintenance, fault finding or service requests so that you can keep your backup diesel generator running for years to come.


Product Family Model Frequency Emission Engine Brand Engine Model Prime Power
Prime Power
Standby Power
Standby Power
Structure Specification
MC QSV22CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4B3.9-G1 22 18 24 19 Canopied
MC QSV27CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4B3.9-G1 27 22 30 24 Canopied
MC QSV30CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4B3.9-G12 30 24 34 27 Canopied
MC QSV45CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4BT3.9-G1 43 34 47 38 Canopied
MC QSV60CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4BTA3.9-G2 60 48 66 53 Canopied
MC QSV80CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4BTA3.9-G11 80 64 90 72 Canopied
MC QSV100CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 6BT5.9-G1 100 80 110 88 Canopied
MC QSV100CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 6BT5.9-G2 100 80 110 88 Canopied
MC QSV135CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G2 135 108 145 116 Canopied
MC QSV150CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G12 150 120 165 132 Canopied
MC QSV180CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 6CTA8.3-G2 180 145 200 160 Canopied
MC QSV200CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 6CTAA8.3-G2 200 160 220 176 Canopied
MC QSV250CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 6LTAA8.9-G2 250 200 264 211 Canopied
MC QSV320CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G1 320 256 350 280 Canopied
MC QSV380CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 6ZTAA13-G3 388 310 425 340 Canopied
MC QSV440CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins QSZ13-G2 438 350 468 375 Canopied
MC QSV500CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins QSZ13-G3 500 400 550 440 Canopied
MC SG22CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4B3.9-G1 22 18 24 19 Canopied
MC SG27CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4B3.9-G1 27 22 30 24 Canopied
MC SG30CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4B3.9-G12 30 24 34 27 Canopied
MC SG45CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4BT3.9-G1 43 34 47 38 Canopied
MC SG60CS-AU 50HZ Non Cummins 4BTA3.9-G2 60 48 66 53 Canopied

The MC series selection chart is available to download. If you require more information on specific models, please contact us directly.



PowerLink significantly invests in R&D and innovations to continuously improve the design of our products. At PowerLink, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products that will deliver the results they need on the job. 

Interested in finding out more? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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