Diesel Generators

Our diesel generators are reliable power generation sources used across multiple industries including mining, agriculture, construction, and the rental market. All PowerLink QSV diesel generators meet  Australian and NZ electrical standards and can cover various global emission standards.

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PowerLink Classic Range

  • Tier 3
  • RK
  • EP
  • EC
  • WCS
  • HV
  • EB

PowerLink QSV Range

  • MC
  • MK
  • MX

powerlink qsvbackup generator range

PowerLink is proud to offer our QSV Diesel Generator range. This range has been specifically designed and manufactured to ensure a reliable standby generator that will handle emergency backup requirements. Once a main supply issue has been detected, the QSV standby diesel generator can respond to provide a stable power output. This type of generator was developed to offer a durable and trustworthy product that we had yet to see elsewhere on the market. Our QSV generators are powered by reputable engine brands including Kubota, Cummins, and PowerLink.


The PowerLink QSV range can be relied on to work with big load steps without the risk of shut-off or overload. The large fuel tanks provide a long-lasting operating cycle before you need to refill. It has been specially designed with an anti-corrosion exhaust muffler for superior noise reduction performance.

With a smaller footprint than conventional diesel generators, PowerLink QSV generators offer ease of use with high-tech control panels, budget-friendly pricing, and a renowned name in power. We also provide support and service including installation, maintenance, fault finding or service requests so that you can keep your backup diesel generator running for years to come.

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    PowerLink is a recognised name in the energy industry. Operating since 2001, we have a highly trained and efficient team including Research and Development and after sales support staff. With a full team of experts, we’re able to offer industry-leading customer service and advice.

    Whether you want a small gas generator to back up your home or are looking for an industrial diesel generator for a construction site, your local PowerLink distributor can help you with finding the perfect product to fit your capacity and spatial requirements.