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Our diesel generators are reliable power generation sources used across multiple industries including mining, agriculture, construction, and the rental market. Available in a wide power range, from 6kVA to 3250kVA, all PowerLink diesel generators meet the Australian and New Zealand electrical standards and can cover various global emission standards.

Diesel to Power


PowerLink Classic Range
  • T3
  • Tier 3
  • RP
  • RK
  • EP
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  • WCS
  • HV
PowerLink QSV Range
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Diesel GeneratorsRP Series

The RP diesel generator series has a power range from 10kVA to 400kVA and are powered by our own PowerLink engine. The RP series is a versatile and is suitable for most applications. Products are reliable and durable, can be used as prime continuous power supply and also in standby mode to supply quick emergency power.

Reliable Engine

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Smart Control System

Details that speak for themselves

Low Noise Levels

Strict Test

Specifications of the RP Series

Product Family Model Frequency Emission Engine Brand Engine Model Prime Power
Prime Power
Standby Power
Standby Power
Structure Specification
RP GMS15PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 4D2.3CG 15 12 17 13.6 Canopied
RP GMS20PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 4D2.7CG 20 16 22 18 Canopied  
RP GMS30PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 4D3.2CG 30 24 33 26 Canopied  
RP GMS45PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 4DT3.2ECG 45 36 50 40 Canopied  
RP GMS70PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 4D4.6TAG 70 56 77 62 Canopied  
RP GMS90PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 4D4.8TAG1 90 72 99 79 Canopied  
RP GMS110PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 4D4.8TAG2 110 88 121 97 Canopied  
RP GMS125PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 4D4.8TAG3 125 100 138 110 Canopied  
RP GMS165PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 6D7.1TAG1 165 132 182 145 Canopied  
RP GMS200PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 6D8.8TAG 200 160 220 176 Canopied  
RP GMS250PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 6D9.7TAG 250 200 275 220 Canopied  
RP GMS325PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 6D11.6TAG1 325 260 358 386 Canopied
RP GMS375PXS-AU 50HZ Non PowerLink 6D11.6TAG2 375 300 413 330 Canopied  


The RP series selection chart is available to download. If you require more information on specific models, please contact us directly.


When you need a replacement part or a service kit for your EP series diesel generator, don’t look any further than PowerLink. We have a comprehensive stock of genuine spare parts for all PowerLink diesel generators that are specific to your genset.

Contact our Service Team at info@powerlinkworld.com.au to order spare parts needed for your diesel generator.



PowerLink significantly invests in R&D and innovations to continuously improve the design of our products. At PowerLink, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products that will deliver the results they need on the job. 

Interested in finding out more? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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PowerLink Australia, established in 2010, services the Oceania region which includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

PowerLink supplies reliable power solutions throughout the South Pacific. Our diesel generators, gas generators, mobile lighting towers, air compressors and accessories have supported local homes and businesses across the Oceania region.

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