Powering Tailings Area Substation: Total Generators

Total Generator is a full-service provider for generators and is a distributor for PowerLink Australia.

Total Generators pride themselves on handling their customers’ needs for temporary power supply and distribution equipment. They offer diesel generators for hire, generators for sale and services such as load testing.

They use only the best generators on the market – which is why PowerLink Australia is their generator of choice.

Recently, Total Generators installed a PowerLink 150kVA Diesel Generator at Tailings Area Substation at MMG Dugald River.

The reliability and quality of our generators are perfectly suitable for jobs like these.

Our diesel generators are an easy sell for our distributors to sell to end customers since there are not many products on the market that are as durable, reliable and robust as PowerLink products.

Australians wholly trust the performance of PowerLink generators.

We are looking forward to this PowerLink 150kVA diesel generator play its part to power this substation.

If you would like to become a PowerLink Distributor, simply contact us and a friendly member of our team here.

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