Powerlink Parts

We hold a comprehensive range of spare parts covering all PowerLink products. From engine and alternator parts to service kits and control modules, we have the items required to keep your PowerLink products runnng smoothly. Our spare parts are available for purchase from your local PowerLink distributor. If you’re looking for a specific part, feel free to contact our Service Team and they will be happy to help.


Our vast distributor network provides you with easy access to PowerLink spare parts. Contact our Service Team at info@powerlinkworld.com.au to find your local distributor or if you require a special spare part.

    One Stop Shop

    As a complete solution manufacturer, we are able to stock all the required parts to keep your PowerLink equipment operating efficiently. With three manufacturing plants across the globe and fast transportation networks, we can provide what you need for your machine quickly to minimise any downtime.

    Engine and Alternator Parts

    We can provide you with almost all engine components for our
    commercially available generators, from a full cylinder to a small gasket.
    Engine brands stocked include PowerLink, Cummins, Perkins and Kubota. Alternator brands stocked include Leroy Somer and Stamford. Contact
    our Service Team at info@powerlinkworld.com.au for more
    information about specific engine and alternator parts.

    Service Kits

    Each PowerLink diesel and gas generator, mobile lighting tower and air compressor comes with a recommended servicing schedule to prolong the life of the product. We stock complete service kits that correspond to each PowerLink machine, to make servicing easier. Each service kit contains the necessary components needed for scheduled servicing.

    Control Modules

    Need a new control module for your diesel generator?
    We stock replacement control modules from reputable brands like
    DeepSea and CommAmp that can be installed direct to your diesel generator.

    Load Banks

    Achieve the best performance from your diesel generator by ensuring you regularly test it with a PowerLink Load Bank. Our load banks range from 15kw to 2000kw, available in auto and manual options and are suitable for outdoor use.

    PremiumServicing and support

    Regularly servicing your PowerLink product is vital to ensure it operates at optimum capacity. Our dedicated technical service teams and nationwide service network have an outstanding knowledge of PowerLink products, allowing us to support all PowerLink customers with installations, regular maintenance service or problems they may have.

    We provide our premium PowerLink support to all – your product does not
    have to be PowerLink branded. Contact our Service Team at info@powerlinkworld.com.au to discuss your support requirements.


    Looking for more technical information. Our friendly team can provide you with more information and hopefully solve your issue. Complete our enquiry form to contact us.