MS2000 Lighting Tower

MS2000 Lighting Tower

Key Features

  • Kubota Engine: Z482-E4B
  • Light Source: LED
  • Lumen(Max): 240000
  • Speed: 80km/H
  • Lighting(W): 4*500

PowerLink mobile lighting towers are a highly efficient power generation lighting equipment product which adopt LED and solar lamps, which are able to cover a large lighting area while also conserving energy.

Our lighting towers are perfect to use in all kinds of large-scale construction operations, mine operations, maintenance repair, accident handling, emergency relief, outdoor activities, and other fields of lighting requirement. It is an environmentally friendly, efficient, and high-quality lighting product.

ModelMS2000-KDCVoltage(V)48V DC
Engine ModelKubota Z482-E4BMast ActionHydraulic
Light SourceLEDExtended height(mm)9000
Lumen(Max)240000Fuel capacity2.5L
Speed80km/HDimensions (Deployed)LxWxH2900*2100*9000mm
Lighting(W)4*500Dimensions (Transport)LxWxH2170*1480*2445mm
MS2000 Lighting Tower

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MS2000 Lighting Tower

General Questions

Why PowerLink?

With over two decades of expertise in research and development, manufacturing, global sales, and service, PowerLink stands as a seasoned manufacturer of professional power energy equipment. We prioritize effective management of R&D investments and production efficiency. Specifically in diesel power generation, we boast extensive expertise, encompassing substantial experience in engineering applications and service management. Within this realm, we're a forward-thinking enterprise equipped with outstanding vision, aspiring to deliver maximum value and returns to our customers and diverse investment institutions.

What are the features of the PowerLink diesel genset?

The diesel generator set is equipped with advanced technology and features a modular design, which enhances its performance while maintaining cost-effectiveness. As a manufacturer, we have a very deep understanding of the equipment system, both the engine, generator, and other hardware, as well as automation control and other software, are independently developed by PowerLink, and we have mastered the technology.

What types of applications are PowerLink generator sets suitable for?

PowerLink can provide customers with various types of continuous energy. The smallest diesel generator set we produce is 5KVA, which is very suitable for households and small retail properties, and the largest can reach 3250KVA, which can provide power for commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, mines and factories, and can even be applied to the national power supply network. Main application types include:

1. Standby power supply, places such as telecommunications and data centers require diesel generator sets to provide backup power. It serves as a supplementary energy source for the large power grid and is used for emergency backup.

2. Continuous power supply, far away from urban areas that are relatively remote and lack power, requires diesel generators to provide continuous power.

Application areas: commercial, industrial, urban buildings, hotels, guesthouses, airports, hospitals, schools, residential communities, bathing centers, entertainment clubs, data centers, mines, docks, etc.

Our generators can be started manually or automatically. Structural type: open type, silent box type, and container type. If transportation is required, there is also the option to mount the generator on a trailer.

The type of generator you need will vary depending on how you supply your energy, where you install it, and whether you need to run continuously or only during outages. To determine which type of generator is best for you, please contact your local PowerLink dealer and they will be able to estimate a size and quote based on your requirements.

What are the standard components of the generator set?

  • Diesel engine
  • Alternator
  • Elastic coupling
  • Main circuit breaker
  • Radiator
  • Fuel filter
  • Air filter
  • Oil filter
  • Steel chassis
  • Silencer
  • Accumulator
  • Daily fuel tank
  • Oil filling system
  • Silent housing/Container body
  • PLC control system(Parallel, grid-connected, isolated island)

How to calculate and analyze return on investment?

First, you need to determine the local energy structure and understand the cost of key elements such as electricity, fuel, and monthly energy costs. Our sales experts will provide a detailed return on investment analysis based on this information.

How to choose your new power generation equipment?

Many customers need to consider the technical and economic feasibility of diesel power generation solutions. Usually, the diesel generator set is combined with the external large power grid, and the energy supply complements each other, which can improve the reliability and flexibility of the entire system.

In order to find a cost-effective, technically reliable, and more environmentally friendly power generation solution, we recommend that you consider the following important factors:

1. The most important is the installation cost. Diesel generator set solutions offer very competitive installation costs compared to other power generation systems, with a limited footprint for a single kilowatt project.

2. Power generation efficiency. The power generation efficiency of diesel generator sets directly affects the economy of the project. PowerLink diesel generator sets are efficient and offer a high value.

3. Manufacturing and commissioning time. PowerLink diesel generator sets usually take 3 to 6 months from production time plus construction and commissioning time. Your cash-on-delivery time will be shorter if you have it in stock.

4. Modular installation solutions. Considering that the equipment is ultimately delivered safely to the installation site, the modular structure makes project installation easier and commissioning simpler and faster.

5. Operating expenses related to equipment. The following aspects are mainly considered: maintenance intervals, spare parts costs, downtime during maintenance, and the entire working cycle of the equipment before overhaul. Based on our long experience, we offer multi-year service contracts for PowerLink generator sets. This will help reduce the need for spare parts and can predict service times in advance to reduce operating costs throughout the engine’s working life.

6. Load analysis of the project helps you select the most suitable equipment. PowerLink’s wide range of diesel engines (5KVA to 3250KVA) is sure to help you find the right solution.

7. The surrounding environmental conditions will affect the use of the device, thus affecting its actual power output capability. In other words, in some cases, your power output may be much lower than the rated power. If you plan to operate equipment at high temperatures/altitudes significantly above sea level, you need to take this into account.

Can the generator set be used in bad weather conditions?

In terms of design, the PowerLink generator set can operate in harsh environments and extreme weather conditions (recommended ambient temperature: -25℃ ~ 50℃, altitude ≤1000m), but generally we do not recommend harsh conditions to use. In order to extend the service life of the generator and prevent things like short circuits and rust, they should be protected from the components as much as possible.

What is a transfer switch?

A transfer switch is a panel that is connected to the site’s power distribution system to allow the use of a generator. It prevents the generator from feeding back into the main power supply, which can cause serious injury to workers trying to restore utility power lines.

Do you provide transfer switches and distribution equipment to distribute electricity?

PowerLink currently provides automatic transfer switches and transmission and distribution systems, which can be negotiated according to the actual situation of the project.

How to reduce noise of generator set?

The following three methods are commonly used for noise reduction.

1. Exhaust noise reduction, exhaust noise is the most important noise source of the unit, usually use a special silencer to reduce noise.

2. Reduce axial fan noise.

3. Sound insulation, sound absorption processing, and vibration isolation of the unit in the equipment room.

How does the generator set work with the main power supply?

The stable mains power is supplied to the carrier through the cable. When the main power supply is interrupted due to a power outage, the signal is sent from the transfer switch to the generator set, which then starts and sends the generated power to the carrier. When the main power supply is restored, the switch will cut off the power supply to the generator set and restore the main power supply.

How long is the product lead time?

Standard products from the customer order to the product factory, depending on the power and series, generally in 2-6 months

How is the equipment shipped?

PowerLink works with a variety of contract carriers to deliver goods to the sites specified in the contract. We offer our customers two options, truck delivery or full-service delivery, including unloading equipment, according to the actual situation of the project to adopt the corresponding transportation plan.

What do I need to know when installing a generator set?

The following aspects usually need to be paid attention to when installing a generator set:

1. The installation site should be well-ventilated, the generator end should have enough air intake, and the engine end should have a good air outlet.

2. The area around the installation site should be kept clean and avoid placing items that can produce acidic, alkaline, and other corrosive gases and vapors nearby. If conditions permit, fire extinguishing devices should be equipped.

3. If used indoors, the smoke exhaust pipe must be passed to the outside, the pipe diameter must be greater than or equal to the diameter of the smoke exhaust pipe of the silencer, and the elbow of the connected pipe should not exceed 3 to ensure the smooth exhaust of smoke. In addition, the pipe should be tilted down 5-10 degrees to avoid rain injection, if the exhaust pipe is installed vertically, you must install a rain cover.

4. When the foundation is made of concrete, the levelness must be measured with a level during installation so that the unit is fixed on the level foundation. There should be special shock-proof pads or foot bolts between the unit and the foundation.

5. The unit shell must have reliable protective grounding, for generators that need to have direct grounding of the neutral point, it must be grounded by professionals, and equipped with lightning protection devices, it is strictly prohibited to use the grounding device of the mains for direct grounding of the neutral point.

6. The two-way switch between the generator and the mains must be very reliable to prevent reverse power transmission. The connection reliability of the bidirectional switch must be verified and approved by the local power supply department.

7. The wiring of the starting battery must be strong.

How to do equipment debugging?

Our factory has professional commissioning engineers who can provide equipment commissioning services worldwide. You can choose between online remote technical support or local on-site commissioning.

Precautions before commissioning the equipment?

Before each equipment and project commissioning, it is necessary to do spot inspection work in advance. You can find the after-sales department to get the inspection list, do the relevant work according to the requirements, and provide videos and photos to the after-sales department. Get the after-sales inspection list before commissioning, and put the project on the list.

How to protect alternator?

The alternator of the generator set can be protected in three different ways:

(TMP)Thermomagnetic protection

TMP protects the alternator from overload and short circuits.

If overloaded, the TMP will shut down after a specified period of time. This amount of time depends on the type of overload: the higher the overload, the shorter the time it takes for the TMP to shut down. In the event of a short circuit, TMP always shuts down immediately.

Leakage protection

When a leakage fault of more than 30mA, 100mA or 300mA occurs between the phase and the earth, the ELP automatically interrupts the circuit, depending on the type of leakage switch used.

In the case of indirect contact, ELP protects the person from electric shock. In addition, ELP can also be used as short-circuit protection. In most cases, ground pins are required!

Insulation protection

Insulation protection relays are used to measure and protect the insulation (in effect resistance) between a direct, ungrounded AC power supply and a freely selected ground area (i.e. the frame or mass of the generator set). In this way, the user is protected from electric shock when touching the normal user-friendly area of the machine. When an insulation default occurs, the tension in the alternator can be interrupted, the engine can be stopped, or an alarm can be activated. In this case, no ground pin is needed!

What happens if I overload the generator?

The generator set should not be continuously overloaded after operation (it is recommended to run at full load), but should be in an overloaded state for a very short period of time, especially during the unit start-up. If a unit has been operating for a long period of time and is in an overload state (i.e. exceeds the maximum rating of the unit), several things can happen.

Which includes:

  • Cooling system overheating.
  • The alternator windings are overheating.
  • The decrease in oil viscosity results in low oil pressure.
  • Shorten the working life of the generator.

All engines are designed to operate under different loads, ranging from maximum to minimum. Problems occur when the light load (minimum load) lasts for a long time, causing the engine to fail to return to its normal operating temperature, and glazing may occur, which means that the oil normally burned in the cylinder is heated and a coat of paint forms on the cylinder liner. If light loading continues, visible blue smoke will appear and the engine will need maintenance work, cleaning or replacement of the lining.


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