Gas To Power

Depending on the gas composition available, such as oil associated gas, landfill gas, methane, propane and other gases, we can provide a solution that can meet your needs. We have a range of gas generation systems with different parameters are suitable for projects from 10KW to 2000KW. The end result is a sustainable self-recycling environmental protection ecosystem that produces top grade electric energy and heat energy.

Gas to Power

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  • CG
  • GXC
  • TCG

Gas GensetsACG

ACG series cogeneration units are highly cost-effective, energy distribution products. They are specially designed as micro CHP units, with a power range from 10kW to 50kW. Gensets in the ACG series can improve power efficiency by over 34%, and have a comprehensive efficiency of over 95.5%. High-performance power system, stable operation and highly durable. The investment cost is low with a fast return on investment. The modular system is easy to install and can be used straight away after installation. ACG cogeneration units are perfect as a distributed energy solution for residential applications.

Reliable Engine

Reliable Engine

Smart Control System

Details that speak for themselves

Low Noise Design

Strict Test


GE66-NG 66 37.0%
GE100-NG 100 38.0%
GE200-NG 200 37.2%
GE220-NG 220 43.4%
GE350-NG 350 41.9%
GE430-NG 430 39.6%
GE520-NG 520 38.8%
GE1000-NG 1000 38.7%
GE100-BG 100 37.8%
GE200-BG 200 38.7%
GE220-BG 220 40.2%
GE350-BG 350 39.3%
GE430-BG 430 39.9%
GE520-BG 520 40.0%
GE1000-BG 1000 38.7%


Gas Cogeneration

PowerLink insists on R&D and innovation investment, and constantly improves product design and manufacturing level. We continuously launch high-quality products to ensure better product experience for clients.

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