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Depending on the gas composition available, such as oil associated gas, landfill gas, methane, propane and other gases, we can provide a solution that can meet your needs. We have a range of gas generation systems with different parameters are suitable for projects from 10KW to 2000KW. The end result is a sustainable self-recycling environmental protection ecosystem that produces top grade electric energy and heat energy.

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PowerLink Natural Gas Generator sets, ranging from 10-2000KW, are built with PowerLink engines, alternators and MAN, MWM engines. Our generator sets are the result of integrated design and manufacturing intended to meet your requirements for reliability, power quality, rated performance, and efficient operation.

They are designed for both standby and prime power applications for both 50Hz and 60Hz markets. We also offer a full range of accessories to customise our products to meet your exact needs.



PowerLink Biogas Generators are versatile for any application and are a popular solution for farms, food industries, paper mills, medical factories and more. Available in open, soundproof and containerised structures, PowerLink biogas generators can be customised to your exact requirements. These units are designed as continous power sources that can run up 8,000 hrs on an annual basis, which can fullfill differing emission levels in different areas.

Biogas gensets have a high degree of reliability, efficiency and flexibility. The biogas to power solution can be customised for a variety of applications.



PowerLink special gas generators are equipped with a PowerLink engine with a modular structured design, enabling them to use a variety of fuel sources including APG, LPG, shale gas, coalbed gas, oil and gas. The PCC300 control system is advanced and intelligent allowing the system to monitor itself or be remotely monitored, resulting in lower labour costs. Open, indoor canopied and outdoor containerised structures are available depending on the application and surrounding environment.

Special gas gensets are also exhaust optimised and range from 10 kW to 350 KW.


Enhance your gas generator with ourSupporting Equipment

Desulphurisation System

Cleans the gas and reduces H2S efficiently

Biogas Blower

Gas humidity drainage system

Biogas Flare

Gas can be burned efficiently to lower pollution

Gas Holder

Light Weight, Quick installation, Easy to use, Long product life, High safety

Biogas Pretreatment

Cold Dry Pressurising

Efficient and Green

Energy Solution

  • Meet the demand for gas power generation across many sectors.
  • Highly integrated modular structure, can be quickly installed and put to use.
  • Flexible grid-connection technology, optional for inslandor grid-connected operation mode.
  • Advanced intelligent project life cycle managment system.
  • Professional after-sales service, spare parts support services.
  • Flexibility to customise designs according to your needs.
  • Gas generators are available for both natural gas and biogas applications.


Gas Generator

Economic and Efficient

When distributed energy is located near the user, the total efficiency can be up to 80% -90%.
With the same calorific value, the cost of natural gas is 30% -50% lower than diesel.

Alternative Energy

Used in areas which are difficult to connect to the grid. Distributed energy can replace the grid and meet the needs of user’s hot water and air conditioning facilities.

Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

Reduced energy loss with an energy saving of 30-40% compared to traditional energy supply.
Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 20-60%, improving the dependence on coal and petroleum, and promoting the use of clean and renewable energy.

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At PowerLink, we manufacture quality products that have integrated environmental protection components and serve global users.

For more information, please contact us at info@powerlinkworld.com.au.

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PowerLink Australia, established in 2010, services the Oceania region which includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

PowerLink supplies reliable power solutions throughout the South Pacific. Our diesel generators, gas generators, mobile lighting towers, air compressors and accessories have supported local homes and businesses across the Oceania region.

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