Diesel Generators

Our diesel generators are reliable power generation sources used across multiple industries including mining, agriculture, construction, and the rental market. Available in a wide power range, from 6kVA to 3250kVA, all PowerLink diesel generators meet the Australian and New Zealand electrical standards and can cover various global emission standards.

Diesel to Power


PowerLink Classic Range
  • Tier 3
  • RK
  • EP
  • EC
  • WCS
  • HV
  • EB
PowerLink QSV Range
  • MC
  • MK
  • MX


PowerLink open type diesel generators are perfectly designed to perform in either prime or standby mode. With power ratings raging from as little as 6kVA, through to 3250kVA (prime rating), PowerLink open sets are the best solution for projects with generator rooms that have noise isolation material built in. PowerLink open set diesel generators have been used in factories, shopping centres, commercial buildings, hotels, airports and power stations to supply the grid.


PowerLink soundproof diesel generator sets are perfect to run under prime and continuous modes offering you with stable and reliable power supply. Ranging from 6kVA to 1000kVA, All PowerLink soundproof diesel generators are built to be exceptionally durable, with every step of production being tightly quality controlled. The design has been completely thought through to benefit the end user. All soundproof diesel generators are equipped with canopies that minimise noise levels and provide protection from the elements, making them suitable for outdoor installations. Lockable doors provide easy access and maximises convenience during maintenance and service whilst low fuel consumption engines and low maintenance costs enhance your ROI.

PowerLink Containerised Generators


PowerLink containerised diesel generator sets are perfect to run under prime and continuous mode providing you with stable and reliable power supply during peak times or continuous use. They are also suitable for standby mode operations. With an output capacity ranging from 725kVA to 3250kVA, the containerised design allows users to easily enter the interior of the unit to carry out regular maintenance and services without the hassle of dealing with adverse weather conditions. Available in 20ft and 40ft SOC, structures can be manufactured to you site requirements. Mainly used for large projects, PowerLink have distributed containerised disel generators for applications such as data centres, shopping centres, construction projects, oil and gas plants, hotels, office buildings, and more.

PowerlinkDiesel Generator Range


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    Keep your diesel generator running efficiently with regular servicing and maintenance. We have a comprehensive range of spare parts and has an in-house service team coupled with a nationwide service network, to ensure you have a complete power solution.

    • Engine and alternator parts
    • Service kits
    • Control modules
    • Automatic Transfer Switches
    • Load Banks


    PowerLink is commited to providing our customers with the highest quality products every time. Across every aspect of our business, we are continuously improving our products so we can meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, cost and delivery.

    PowerLink products are tested during each stage of development, from design, manufacture and assembly through to pre-delivery. Our R&D and Quality Assurance teams ensure that PowerLink products are fitted with the latest technological advances and control systems enabling safe use.

    Through our experience, we have developed a knowledge of what will suit most conditions. We can make customised solutions for every situation including extremely cold or hot conditions, low noise requirements, alkaline or acidic environments in coastal areas and ports, basement installations for backup power solutions, or modular solutions for data centres.