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SL60K Solar Lighting Tower



PowerLink provides access to industry-leading lighting towers. We use only optimum proprietary LED technology. Our Australian and international clients trust PowerLink to deliver products with unparalleled superiority and durability. We are able to manufacture custom specifications to cater to unique project needs. Whether you’re looking for an LED lighting tower, a diffused lighting tower, mining lighting tower, urban lighting tower, portable light tower or skid mounted lighting tower, PowerLink has got something for you. Browse our full range of products, including our four flagship Lighting Tower models featured below.



  • Easy to transport and operate.
  • Exceptionally durable and safe.
  • Equipped with an intelligent control system, automatic extend and retract of tower masts (some units), and set up with double safety protection to effectively guarantee the personal safety of operators.
  • High-level noise reduction technology, good emission system to ensure that the equipment does not affect the surrounding environment.
  • Each machine has a high level of safety protection, strong wind resistance, and can adapt to harsh environments.
  • Different options available, from standard to portable lighting towers, to meet the needs of different applications.
SL60K Solar Lighting Tower

Experience uninterrupted lighting with our PowerLink Lighting Towers, with ranges running on solar power and diesel, we will be able to provide a product suitable for your needs. With three different control modes – automatic, timer and manual – users can tailor the lighting experience to their needs, ensuring their surroundings are always well-lit.

Our lighting towers have been manufactured to suit any environment required of them; these include airports, mines, construction sites, road works, emergencies and many more. Each lighting tower has been tested thoroughly to ensure each model provides excellent lighting, reliability and durability allowing you to work safely and efficiently.

SL60K Solar Lighting Tower
SL60K Solar Lighting Tower
SL60K Solar Lighting Tower
SL60K Solar Lighting Tower
SL60K Solar Lighting Tower

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SL60K Solar Lighting Tower

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