Australian Remote Copper Mine

Jul 05,2021

  • Location: Central QLD, Australia
  • Equipment: 3*GMS1375CS-AU & 1*WCS550CS-AU
  • Electric output mode: Prime Supply
  • Field / fuel: Mining / Diesel
  • Total output power: 4MVA

The Rockland Copper Mine, located 25km NW of Cloncurry QLD, required a remote, stable power solution to supply the crushing and processing plant onsite. With the ambient temperature in Summer reaching 50°C, the setup needed to be robust and reliable to operate efficiently in the harsh conditions.

PowerLink’s diesel generators were chosen for the job – 3 x GMS1375CS-AU and 1 x WCS550CS-AU. During the day, the 3 x GMS1375CS-AU units started the crusher and load shared according to load priority minimising fuel consumption. At night, the WCS550CS-AU was the sole power source.

The diesel generators were connected a large bulk fuel tank, located behind the setup, allowing for automatic fuel top ups.

A 6000amp centre feed main board lifted onto a galvanised walkway was manufactured in Australia by Powerlite to suit the set up.

The control cabinet was located one kilometre from site and overlooking the entire crushing/power plant. The control cabinet was a 20ft shipping container modified and raised for cooling. Air conditioning was installed for the employees.

Prior to installation, all equipment, including the PowerLink diesel generators, were imported via Brisbane and a staging area was set up in Toowoomba. Two road trains took all of the units to site for installation.

Installation and commissioning was carried out over a 6 week period after the slab was poured and earthing grid was in place.

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