Australian Logistics Facility

Feb 23,2022

  • Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
  • Equipment: 1 * B2000E3C-AU
  • Electric output mode: Standby Supply
  • Field / fuel: Logistics / Diesel
  • Total output power: 2000kVA

A major logistics facility, located in Western Sydney, required an emergency power solution to maintain the temperature-controlled environment during power outages. One of our NSW distributors was chosen for the job.

The Situation

The specialist cold storage facility, used to store and distribute pharmaceutical products, including medical supplies and machines, required a diesel generator that would produce enough electricity to power the site if there was a power outage or fluctuations in the mains power.

The Solution

With a warehouse footprint of 38,000m², our distributor chose a Baudouin powered, 2000kVA diesel generator as the standby supply for the temperature-controlled warehouse.


The all-in-one unit enables easy operation and maintenance, making it suitable for both prime and standby applications.

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