Mar 03,2023

Mount Barker District Soldier’s Memorial Hospital is a large healthcare facility located in a rural area of South Australia. With a growing patient population and an increasing demand for medical services, the hospital recently underwent a major upgrade and expansion project. As part of the upgrade, there was also a requirement to provide a new, larger diesel generator in order to guarantee the safety of all patients and operations at all times.

PowerLink Australia and Genpower were selected to provide a backup power system for Mount Barker Hospital, with Genpower sourcing a reliable Diesel Generator and Load Bank from PowerLink while working with the client in situ to install a custom-made solution while granting an effortless transition process.

The system consisted of a 600kVA diesel generator and a 400kW load bank. The generator was designed to automatically kick in during a power outage, ensuring that critical hospital functions such as life support systems, emergency lighting, and other essential equipment would continue to operate seamlessly.

The installation of the backup power system was completed within the project timeline and budget. The PowerLink and Genpower Australia teams worked together to ensure a smooth process, coordinating closely with the contractor to minimize disruption to hospital operations. The backup power system has been a critical asset for Mount Barker Hospital, providing reliable and continuous power during power outages and other electrical emergencies. The hospital’s staff and patients have peace of mind knowing that critical functions will not be disrupted during power disruptions.

The collaboration between Genpower Australia and Powerlink has resulted in a successful backup power project for Mount Barker Hospital. The new system has improved the hospital’s resilience and ability to provide critical healthcare services to its patients. The project demonstrates the importance of working with experienced and reliable partners to ensure the success of critical infrastructure projects.

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