Bushfire Back-Up Power: AJS Machinery

The past few months have been tragic for Australia.

The bushfires have been detrimental to many hardworking Australians – whether they are losing their homes or having their quality of life affected.

One of our premier distributors AJS has been very helpful to the community down in Batemans Bay and surrounding areas.

They have been pivotal in providing them with many diesel generators to help power homes for families which have lost power due to the bushfires.

All generators were sent out swiftly to ensure that the families that needed the generators had access them to as soon as possible.

It was critical that delays did not occur, as one day late could mean a family could have a day without power.

Most families that these generators are going to are using the generators as back-up, standby power for their residential properties.

Not only are these generators extremely reliable and efficient, they are the perfect solution for those affected by the bushfires due to their ability to power a home using diesel, instead of drawing power from the grid.

We are glad to be working with AJS Machinery to provide solutions to families affected by the bushfires.

If you have been affected by the Australian bushfires, please contact us on (02) 8858 9688 and we can direct you to our nearest distributor nearby.

We have premium distributors such as AJS Machinery across all of Australia so no matter where you have been affected by the bushfires, PowerLink Australia can help.

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