What’s the fuss over Diesel Emissions Standards

Jul 16,2021

Throughout the past 30 years, growing concerns for the environment and the impact of diesel engine emissions has led to regulations and standards being developed aimed at reducing the levels of emissions.

Both the USA and the EU have operational emissions standards for diesel engines. Within the USA, the standards are categorised into Tiers whereas in the EU they are categorised into Stages. However, currently there are no emissions standards applicable to Australia.

What’s in diesel engine emissions?

The emissions of a diesel engine contain by-products from combustion. They often contain the following:

Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) – Occurs naturally as a result of bacterial process, biological growth, decay, lightning, forest fires and burning of fossil fuels. Colorless non-toxic gas (referred to as laughing gas).

Hydrocarbons (HC) – Organic chemical compounds that consist entirely of carbon and hydrogen. They range from simple molecules such as methane to polymers such as polystyrene.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Colorless, odorless, toxic gas produced from incomplete burning of fossil fuels.

Particulate Matter (PM) – The sum of all solid and liquid particles suspended in the air.

Manufacturing diesel generators that meet emissions standards

As a manufacturer and using our vast understanding of diesel engines, we have developed low emission diesel generators which can meet Tier 3, Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V regulations.

Even though there are no emissions standards operational in Australia yet, there is an evaluation currently being conducted by the Federal and NSW government regarding a national approach to manage emissions from non-road diesel engines.

PowerLink’s T3 Diesel Generator series is a Stage III generator that’s been specifically designed for the rental market and high urban environments.

They are robust, have a long running capacity (up to 24 hours of continuous operation), fuel saving, produce ultra-low noise levels and are environmentally friendly. They can be widely used as power supply in mining, civil works, telecom, events etc.

Equipped with the highly reliable PowerLink engine, the T3 series of diesel generator sets have a power range of 60-750kVA making them an ideal option for both prime continuous power supply and stable standby power.

Potential future emissions standards in Australia

With the results of the current evaluation of non-road diesel engines due out in 2022, it can be assumed that it’s only a matter of time until Australia implements emissions standards for diesel engines.

PowerLink is well placed to supply Australian businesses with diesel generators to fit within any potential emissions standards.

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