What’s meant by a super silent diesel generator?

Nov 16,2021

Let’s face it, diesel generators can be extremely noisy. Sounding like a loud truck that’s parked outside with the engine continually running, is not a pleasant experience for many locations. That is where the super silent, soundproof diesel generator stands out.

A super silent diesel generator is a genset that has been enclosed to lower noise levels. They are widely used in telecommunications, hotels, entertainment venues, hospitals, shopping centres, industrial and mining enterprises. Super silent diesel generators offer better noise level performance and in places with higher restrictions on environmental noise, as a prime or standby power source.

Where does the noise come from?

The noise that comes from a diesel generator comes from different components of the set. Modifying these components can help to reduce noise levels, but first there needs to be an understanding of Where these noises are coming from.

Exhaust noise

Noise from the exhaust is a pulsating air flow noise with high temperature and high speed. The exhaust can be the loudest part of the generator and has numerous contributing factors including:

  • low frequency pulse noise caused by smoke. When smoke blows out from the exhaust it creates pressure noise
  • resonance of air flow within the exhaust system (vibrations within the metal pipework)
  • High speed air flow through the valve clearance and multiple bends in the exhaust system causing accumulating and increasing noise

Mechanical noise

Mechanical noise is created within the engine due to the construction and operations, some of the areas that create these noises are:

  • The piston crank connecting rod mechanism
  • The transmission gear of the valve-train
  • Unbalanced inertia force caused by the mechanical vibration and noise.

Combustion noise

Combustion noise is the structural vibration and noise generated by diesel oil in the combustion process. Within the cylinder, the combustion of the diesel fuel creates a lower vibration which being lower than the surrounding structure of the engine this allows the vibration to travel outwards causing the engine noises that we hear.

Cooling fan noise

Cooling fans create noise as they are spinning at high speed. The noise we hear is made:

  • By the tips of the fan cutting through the air and “forcing” it away,
  • From air being drawn into the fan through grills and cover and smaller amounts as the air is pushed away from the fan.

Air intake noise

Under normal operation, diesel generators need to have enough fresh air supply, to ensure the normal operation of the engine and to also create good heat dissipation conditions for the unit. Air being drawn into a funnel over an edge will create a suction noise no different than that of a vacuum cleaner with the head removed from the pipe.

How do we lower the noise levels?

There are a number of ways that we can reduce the noise levels of a diesel generator, and these are incorporated in the super silent diesel generators.

  • Vibration isolation facilities: Rubber isolation feet are installed on the engine and generator to stop the transfer of vibration to the steel baseframe.
  • Sound insulation cover: Layers of sound absorbing material installed on the inside of the enclosure to reduce the exposure to the generator noises
  • Well designed air intake and exhaust system: Inlet and exhaust re-designed to reduce the amount of bends and turns in the system, also heat and sound absorbent materials installed to decrease the remaining noises
  • Exhaust muffler: Impedance compound muffler (sound absorption and expansion chamber muffler) is installed to reduce the exhaust noise from the discharge pipe.

PowerLink has a wide range of super silent diesel gensets, equipped with noise reducing features, making them suitable for noise sensitive applications. With a power output range from 10kVA to 3,250kVA, there is definitely a PowerLink solution suitable for you.

To find your local PowerLink distributor, email us at and we can point you in the right direction.

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