Showcasing our PowerLink MS2000 Lighting Tower

May 15,2020

If you’re looking for a compact yet robust lighting tower, look no further.

The PowerLink MS2000 Lighting Tower is sized perfect for construction projects, rental opportunities, lighting up roads, as well as for events big or small.


There are many strengths of this lighting tower.

Firstly, it is very compact, with easy access to panels. This essentially means that maintenance is a breeze. It also means that there is a 50-80% reduction in fuel consumption due to its size.

Don’t let the MS2000s compact size fool you. It is capable of very high light output of 213,000 lumens.

The MS2000 can run on either 2 or 4 LED heads – with 2 heads using 0.48 L of fuel per hour whilst still putting out an impressive 102,000 lumens.

Finally, they’re extremely quiet as they only run 63dB(A) @ 7m.

Other Features

PowerLink Industrial Lighting towers & parts are stocked locally, so you can get your unit turnaround as well as easily accessibility to OEM Genuine Parts.

The MS2000 is powered by a genuine Kubota engine model Z482-E38-BG.

The unit also has extra low voltage 48V DC, which substantially lowers execution risks.

The fuel tank capacity can run for 2 weeks without re-filling.

Auto mast lowering system for safety with off balance mast protection.

Every unit includes an exhaust system blanket for safety & Dual pole battery isolator.

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