PowerLink’s QSV Diesel Generator Range – Excellent Performance at a Cost Effective Price

Nov 27,2020

PowerLink’s NEW QSV diesel generator range is designed to be a stable and highly reliable standby power source.

With the Q standing for Quality, the S standing for Stability and the V standing for Value, the QSV range of diesel generators, from 10kVA to 2500kVA (prime rating), is an ideal option for the commercial/industrial standby market.

As a world leader in the manufacture of diesel generators, PowerLink has incorporated the latest technology into to the QSV range resulting in a cost-effective diesel generator of the highest quality.

Built to perform

Reputable engine brands including Cummins, Kubota, Perkins and PowerLink are used throughout the QSV range, ensuring the reliability of these diesel gensets. Each unit is equipped with a high-performance cooling system, long range fuel tank allowing for continuous operation, and a specially designed, anti-corrosion exhaust muffler with superior noise reduction performance.

Equipped with the latest smarts

Each QSV diesel generator features a PLC920 automatic digital controller with automatic mains failure (AMF) function, allowing you to know the standby start-up status at any time.

Small footprint

The QSV diesel generator range is 20% smaller than an average sized diesel generator of the same ouput. Their small footprint not only means that they require less operational space but more units can be transported in a standard container, reducing overland transportation costs.

Easy maintenance access and long maintenance intervals

Easy maintenance is a key aspect of the QSV range. Large doors provide easy access for essential servicing and maintenance and this is further supported by 500 hour maintenance intervals which will reduce any downtime.

The QSV range has the best performance under the most severe conditions. It’s cost-effective performance, stability, low noise and ease of use means that the QSV range meets the most essential needs of users – providing you with the affordable and reliable standby power.

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