Powerlink’s Partnership With Baudouin

Mar 09,2023

Starting as an unassuming, family-owned company in 1904, Baudouin has grown exponentially and has built a reputation for quality and dependability.

PowerLink has partnered with Baudouin to include its G-Drive, among other engines, in PowerLink generators. PowerLink is the exclusive distributor and service provider for Baudouin engines in the South Pacific region.


High-quality Engines
Moteurs Baudouin is known for producing reliable and efficient engines, and the company has a strong reputation for customer service and technical support.

The company’s engines are used in a variety of industries, including shipping, oil and gas, construction, and agriculture. Moteurs Baudouin has a global presence nowadays, with distribution and service centers located in over 100 countries. This allows them to provide support to customers around the world and ensure that their engines are maintained and serviced to the highest standards.

In recent years, Moteurs Baudouin has focused on developing engines that meet increasingly strict emissions regulations, with a particular focus on reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. They have also invested in developing engines that use alternative fuels, such as biofuels and natural gas, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Recent products
Over the last few years, Moteurs Baudoin has kept innovating, introducing new engines to the world. The M26.2. model, for instance, was a huge success. A revised version of the previous M26 model that launched 20 years prior, it offered enhanced technical features and a choice of 6, 8 and 12 cylinder versions.

Baudouin, in partnership with Weichai, also introduced the W series of engines in response to the latest environmental regulations. This series boasted improved performance and a power range of 130-580hp, leading to a period of growth for both companies.

Following the success of the M26 and M26.2 engines, Baudouin released the M26.3 in 2016. This engine delivered more power and met the latest emissions regulations with its common rail structure, opening up new markets, clients, and applications, including in the USA. The M33 engine, launched in 2017, further expanded Baudouin’s market penetration in the marine power market, particularly in tugboats, workboats, and fishing vessels.

In 2017, leveraging its expertise in generator drive engines from the 1970s-80s, Baudouin diversified into the power generation market with the launch of the PowerKit range of engines. With a product line spanning generator outputs from 30 to 1400 kVA and a choice of 9 models, PowerKit is the largest product line in Baudouin’s history. The company further expanded the range in 2018 with four new engines, bringing the total to 17 and making the range one of the most extensive in the power generation industry.

Crafted with the same high-quality components as Baudouin’s marine engines, the PowerKit engines are reliable, robust, and easy to service and integrate into a generator set. While marine applications are in their DNA, these engines are versatile enough to be used in countless applications worldwide.


PowerLink’s Partnership With Moteurs Baudouin
PowerLink began its partnership with Moteurs Baudouin in 2021, benefitting already from their more than 100 years of experience in the industry. Powerlink’s EB Series range, which is one of our latest types of diesel generators, are equipped with Baudouin’s PowerKit engines. With a power ranging from 550kVA to 3000kVA, the EB Series has been designed for multiple applications including large commercial buildings, power plants, manufacturing facilities and mining operations. The Diesel gensets in the EB Series feature high reliability, low emissions and high fuel efficiency.

You can find more info about Powerlink’s partnership with Baudouin and our EB Series, including spec sheets, via the following link:

We have also started to incorporate some parts made by Baudoin on some of our other generators, parts such as fuel filters and oil filters. So you may start seeing occasionally some of these parts in our other models too.

Here at PowerLink, we highly appreciate to be partnered with such a reputable brand as Moteurs Baudoin, and we are looking forward to keeping giving our clients a top-notch experience with our generators and power equipment.

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