PowerLink’s EB Series Diesel Generators

Apr 05,2023

On one of our latest Blog posts we spoke about PowerLink’s partnership with Baudouin. Our EB Series range was born out of this partnership. They are an excellent and dependable power source that you can count on for stability and reliability. With advanced technology integrated into their design, these generators are a cost-effective option that don’t compromise on quality.

PowerLink is the exclusive distributor and service provider for Baudouin engines in the South Pacific region.


The biggest difference from the other generator models that we offer is that our EB Series generators come equipped with an advanced technology engine from the renowned company, Baudouin. These engines are recognized worldwide for their quality, durability and reliability.

These generators offer an impressive power range, starting from 20 kVA and going all the way up to over 3000 kVA, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including large commercial buildings, power plants, manufacturing facilities, and mining operations.

Due to the wide spectrum of power range that we have, we got you covered in any situation. The EB Series diesel gensets emit low levels of emissions and possess an exceptional fuel efficiency.

Our New Generators:

We have introduced the following range of generators as part of our EB Series:

B18SE3-AU, B20SE3-AU, B30SE3-AU, B38SE3-AU, B60SE3-AU, B80SE3-AU, B100SE3-AU, B125SE3-AU, B150SE3-AU, B200SE3-AU, B250SE3-AU, B310SE3-AU, B375SE3-AU, B500SE3-AU, B650SE3-AU, B750SE3-AU, B800SE3-AU, B900SE3-AU, B1000SE3-AU, B1250E3C-AU, B1250E3C-AU, B1500E3C-AU, B1875E3C-AU, B2000E3C-AU, B2250E3C-AU, B2500E3C-AU, B2750E3C-AU, B3000E3C-AU

As you can see, our EB Series boasts a diverse selection of generators to meet your specific needs. You can trust that we have everything covered for you. Reach out to us at 02 8858 9688 and we’ll gladly provide you with a personalized quote.

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Powerlink’s Partnership With Baudouin

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