Introducing our NEW T3 series of Diesel Generators

Oct 02,2020

We are excited to announce that PowerLink has officially launched the new T3 series diesel generator set.

At the product launch, held at one of our two manufacturing plants, 6 models of the new diesel gensets were displayed on site:

  • T60XS (60kVA)
  • T100XS (100kVA)
  • T125X (125kVA)
  • T200XS (200kVA)
  • T250XS (250kVA)
  • T375XS (375kVA)

The T3 series of products are specially designed for the rental market, They are robust, have a long running capacity (up to 24 hours of continuous operation), fuel saving, produce ultra-low noise levels and are environmentally friendly. They can be widely used as power supply in mining, civil works, telecom, events etc.

The Control Panel uses PowerLink’s intelligent control system, the XC672 control module, amd has been designed with humanised interface and versatile in programmability. It also has an ATS control input interface and mains input interface.

The T3 series engine meets the European tier 3 emission standard for diesel engines. It also adopts high-pressure common rail fuel control technology that lowers fuel consumption and increases power output. The engine also as a long maintenance cycle with a maintenance cycle of 500 hours.

The remote cooling system enhances the cooling efficiency and effectively reduces noise pollution resulting in a noise level less than 68 dB(A) at 7 meters, making the T3 series of diesel generators most suited to urban environments.

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