Introducing our brand new range of Portable Power Banks

Sep 15,2023

Introducing our brand new range of Portable Power Banks

Exciting News from PowerLink! 🔌⚡

We are thrilled to reveal that our latest innovation – a large range of Portable Power Banks – is set to launch on October 8th 💡

🔋 No fuel costs involved – Say goodbye to fuel expenses and environmental concerns, our Portable Power Banks are powered by cutting-edge LFP batteries.

🔇 Silent and Eco-friendly – Enjoy peace and quiet while experiencing a green energy solution that makes minimal noise and produces zero emissions.

📈 Power Ranges Tailored to Your Needs – From 50KW to a staggering 500KW, our Portable Power Banks can meet a wide range of energy demands, ensuring you always have the power you need.

💡 Impressive Battery Capacities – With storage options ranging from 50KWh to a massive 1500KWh, you can rely on uninterrupted power supply even in the most demanding situations.

🏢 Compact 10ft Container Design – Space-saving and efficient, our design ensures that you can easily transport and set up your power solution wherever it’s needed.

We are very excited to start rolling out this product to our trusted Distributors from the 8th of October onwards. For more details, please contact your dedicated Account Manager, and we are also reachable and happy to answer any questions on the following:

📞 02 8858 9688

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