Automatic Transfer Switches

PowerlinkAutomatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

An automatic transfer switch works to observe voltage input and sense any primary power source issues. For instance, if you’re running on traditional power with a backup generator, an automatic transfer switch will register a blackout and automatically engage the generator to start working. This then switches control of primary power supply to the generator and allows you to remain operational with your new power source. The automatic changeover switch will coordinate the safe transfer of power, shutting off the utility line and allowing the generator to begin work. Browse our automatic transfer switches below.


  • Weatherproof (IP54 rated) and suitable for outdoor installations.
  • Available from 20A to 3200A.
  • Contain enhanced safety mechanisms.
  • Highly reliable.

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Specification ofAutomatic Transfer Switches

Amps Voltage Specification
PC32A-AU 32 240V/1P
PC32A-AU 32 415V/3P
PC63A-AU 63 240V/1P
PC63A-AU 63 415V/3P
PC80A-AU 80 240V/1P
PC80A-AU 80 415V/3P
PC100A-AU 100 240V/1P
PC100A-AU 100 415V/3P
PC125A-AU 125 240V/1P
PC125A-AU 125 415V/3P
PC160A-AU 160 415V/3P
PC250A-AU 250 415V/3P
PC400A-AU 400 415V/3P
PC630A-AU 630 415V/3P
PC800A-AU 800 415V/3P
PC1000A-AU 1000 415V/3P
PC1250A-AU 250 415V/3P
PC1600A-AU 1600 415V/3P
PC2000A-AU 2000 415V/3P
PC2500A-AU 2500 415V/3P
PC3200A-AU 3200 415V/3P


Using an automatic transfer switch is also a matter of safety. In order to stay up to local fire codes, building codes, and insurance regulations, an automatic transfer switch should be used whenever using two power supplies. This ensures a safer transfer of power in the case of a circuit break or overload issue. When combining with a generator, you should choose an automatic transfer switch for its capacity equivalence. We recommend weatherproof switches for use outdoors. To learn about appropriate usage and installation of weatherproof automatic switches speak with our expert team today.

Do I need An ATS?

Having an automatic transfer switch is a good idea if you don’t want to keep watch over your power supply for any changes or dropouts manually. If you use a generator, automatic transfer switches will allow you peace of mind should anything happen with your primary power source. Once your power has been switched over to a generator, the automatic transfer switch will continue to observe the utility power should it come back on. If this happens, the controller will automatically transfer back to the original source once it’s ready. This means that you can operate with the knowledge that you’ll never lose power again.


Overview of our automatic transfer switches

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