Australian Hospital Backup Power Project

  • Location: Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Equipment: GMS320CS-AU
  • Electric output mode: Standby Supply
  • Field / fuel: Health / Diesel
  • Total output power: 320kVA

A new dedicated health building was under development at an important Sydney hospital and our NSW leading distributor, Powerlite, were appoached to supply a backup generator for the project.

The Problem

During the design process, the engineers had forgotten to include a backup generator in the design of the new building. This meant that when Powerlite did their initial inspection of the site, they found that there was very limited head room to fit a generator and a custom solution would be required.

The Solution

A custom PowerLink GMS320CS-AU 320kVA diesel generator, with a smaller fuel tank, was used to back up the hospital building. However, it wasn’t as simple as commissioning the genset.

Once Powerlite took delivery of the generator, modifications had to be made to make it suitable and it had to be dismantled to get it into the basement then reassembled in situ.

  • Thermistors and water jacket heater fitted.
  • The exhaust system could not exit from the top so Powerlite remade the exhaust to exit from the side and then travel through the building to exit on the roof.
  • Special care was taken to open the back cover and allow the hot air to exit and the complete exhaust system was lagged so that noise and heat were minimal.

Powerlite are experts in creating engineering solutions for situations where the conventional is not suitable. They have been serving Australian customers for over 50 years and can provide you with the technical knowledge you need to ensure success for your next project.

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