Australian Dam Project

Case Study - Australian Dam Project by PowerLink Distributor, Powerlite -
  • Location: Southern part of Australia
  • Equipment: 1 * GMS135CS-AU & 50KW Internal Load Bank
  • Electric output mode: Standby Supply
  • Field / fuel: Construction / Diesel
  • Total output power: 135kVA

Powerlite is our leading distributor in NSW, and they recently supplied a generator to run a weir flood release gate system and overhead crane. However, it wasn’t as straightforward as first perceived.

The Problem

The established infrastructure was over 50 years old but in excellent condition. To open or close the gates involved the starting and stopping of an electric motor that ran the hydraulic system. The motors were Direct On Line (DOL) start and needed a large inrush current to start. DOL is generally 5 time greater than the running current, and based on a power factor (pf) of approximately 0.8.

Power Factor is the measure of the efficiency of the power being used, so, a power factor of 1 would mean 100% of the supply is being used efficiently. A power factor of 0.5 means the use of the power is very inefficient or wasteful. Using a power factor of 0.8 would indicate efficient power usage.

The issue that the team had was that the maximum inrush demand of the electric motor was 185 amps, but the running amps were approximately 37amps at best. Using any generator in these conditions would result in wet stacking (glazing) that would shorten the life of any diesel engine.

The Solution

Generators generally love to run between 50% and 80% load, so the team at Powerlite built a load bank into the air intake end of a PowerLink GMS135CS-AU 135kVA diesel genset.

Using a CT (measurement device), they programmed the load bank to add or subtract load so as to maintain the genset at a minimum 50% load. As soon as an inrush current is detected, the load is instantly dropped on the load bank so that the generator will not go into an overloaded situation.

Powerlite chose the GMS135CS-AU diesel generator because:

  • Its design is ideal for the Australian environment,
  • The Cummins engine makes it perfect to be used in a remote location,
  • There was limited space on site,
  • The unit can be moved complete without any assembly or disassembly.

As a full-service, highly experienced team, Powerlite modified the exhaust system of the GMS135CS-AU to accommodate the load bank elements, installed the remote monitoring and control system and then programmed the control to work as Automatic Mains Failure and control the on-site motorised CB.

Powerlite is well known for their skills in designing power generating systems, custom power supplies and local area network products for a variety of different market applications. As a PowerLink distributor, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands with Powerlite.

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