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PowerlinkIndustrial Air Compressors

Our superior range of reliable, heavy-duty air compressors are available to global users. Our high performing machines provide more air with less power so that you can keep working until the job is done. Choosing the right air compressor can provide essential support to your business while also being cost-effective and long-wearing. As a specialist supplier and manufacturer in the energy industry, we carry only the best products. Browse our full range of industrial air compressors below for the perfect fit for your project.


  • The principal machine adopts a twin-screw rotor and is directly connected with the diesel engine by highly flexible coupling.
  • The PowerLink super-silent structure is utilised in this design. The resistance integrated silencer structure can effectively reduce all noises in the middle and high frequency bands.
  • Control system adopts digital technology with microprocessor as core control switch and indicating instrument are integrated at the same panel, which can facilitate real-time monitoring of operator.
  • One-button start, clear operational parameters, personalised operating system, intelligent control, multiple warning and shutdown protection functions.
  • Battery isolator switch, fuel pump, fuel gauge, folder, together with control cabinet are located on the same side to facilitate operation.
  • Economical design and size of the unit can reduce transportation costs. The double hanger structure guarantees the lifting centre without affecting operation and maintenance space.
  • For portable sets, the height-adjustable goose neck design is equipped with rotatable outriggers allowing height to be easily adjusted and suitable for various applications.

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Selection Chart

Heavy Type

Up to 45kW with 200CFM and 13 Bar maximum working pressure.

Eagle Type

Up to 195kW with 850CFM and 13 Bar maximum working pressure.

Spirit Type

Up to 380kW with 1050CFM and 24 Bar maximum working pressure.


Up to 55kW with 310CFM and 10 Bar maximum working pressure.


Up to 250kW with 1530CFM and 10 Bar maximum working pressure.


Up to 250kW with 1500CFM and 10 Bar maximum working pressure.


Our products are all backed by PowerLink, and we strive to make sure that every machine that leaves our doors is among the most reliable on the market. We understand that the reliability of our diesel air compressors or portable air compressors is of the utmost importance to our customers. Air compressors are an essential part of many businesses, and we know that they need to be operational and long-lasting as they are a significant investment. Check out our full range of cost-effective industrial air compressors to find the one that is right for you.

Utilising YourAir Compressor

An air compressor can help with several different types of jobs. These multi-functional machines are often used for high-power pneumatic tools such as nail guns, spray machines, sanders and jackhammers. They can be used for a variety of projects and jobs and as such, are available invarious sizes and capacities. With our massive range of industrial air compressors, we provide a solution to the problem of portable air power. Whether you need stationery, mobile or towable compressors, we’ve got the right product for you. Speak with one of our expert team members to determine which air compressor is best suited to your specific needs.



PowerLink significantly invests in R&D and innovations to continuously improve the design of our products. At PowerLink, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products that will deliver the results they need on the job. 

Interested in finding out more? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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PowerLink has been working since 2001 to provide people all over the world with stable and sustainable sources for energy supply. With three large scale industrial manufacturing facilities, we’re able to produce the type of products that we want to see on the market.

Having grown into a reputable and recognised name in the power generation industry, we’ve crafted many machines that are cutting-edge and industry-leading pieces of technology. At PowerLink, we remain committed to advancing the field and operate a Research and Development section of our business to do this.

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