Powerlink After Sales 
Servicing & Support

Regularly servicing your PowerLink product is vital to ensure it operates at optimum capacity. Our dedicated technical service teams and nationwide service network have an outstanding knowledge of PowerLink products, allowing us to support all PowerLink customers with installations, regular maintenance service or problems they may have.

We provide our premium PowerLink support to all – your product
does not have to be PowerLink branded. Contact our Service Team at info@powerlinkworld.com.au to discuss your support requirements.


Our vast service network are available to assist you with any servicing and maintenance requirements you may have. Enter your address to find your local distributor.

Contact our Technical Service Team at info@powerlinkworld.com.au for more information about your local service agent.


    Reduce the risk of downtime and loss of revenue by regularly servicing your diesel generator with our our industry-leading planned maintenance plan. This will prevent any unforeseen errors, ensuring your equipment will generate power when you need it. At PowerLink, our two in-house technical service teams in NSW and WA are available to conduct regular servicing and maintenance on your PowerLink equipment in NSW and WA whilst our nationwide service network provides PowerLink premium service and support wherever you are in the Oceania region.

    Fast response times

    There’s nothing worse than your equipment breaking down during a job. If this happens, call us on 02 8858 9618 and we can arrange speedy onsite support and repairs wherever you are. Downtime means lost money so don’t risk wasting time to get your equipment back up and running.

    Service and maintenance options

    We provide a range of servicing and maintenance options to keep your PowerLink equipment in check. These include unit installation, commissioning and maintenance, repairs, support and technical guidance throughout the warranty period, product training and remote technical support.

    Simply contact our Service Team at info@powerlinkworld.com.au to discuss your requirements and book in your equipment.

    Supporting all brands

    You can take advantage of our servicing and maintenance options even if you don’t have a PowerLink diesel generator. Our Service Teams have experienced electricians and diesel mechanics that work across multiple brands, allowing everybody access to the PowerLink premium service and support that we offer.


    We hold a comprehensive range of spare parts covering all PowerLink products. From engine and alternator parts to service kits and control modules, we have the items required to keep your PowerLink products runnng smoothly. Our spare parts are available for purchase from your local PowerLink distributor. If you’re looking for a specific part, feel free to contact our Service Team and they will be happy to help.


    Looking for more technical information. Our friendly team can provide you with more information and hopefully solve your issue. Complete our enquiry form to contact us.