About PowerLink Australia

PowerLink Australia is a vital part of the PowerLink Group and works with the R&D centre and manufacturing plants to provide our reputable, high performance and cost efficient diesel and gas generators, lighting towers, air compressors and correlative service and support to clients across the Oceania region.


Founded in 2001, the PowerLink Group has been recognised as a rapidly growing and innovative manufacturer within the industry. From the beginning, PowerLink has continually invested in developing technology to produce more cost effective and reliable energy sources for global users.

PowerLink began supplying the Oceania region, including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, in 2006. As the popularity of PowerLink products increased, PowerLink Australia was established in 2010 to better serve the region.

Working with a world-class R&D centre and three international manufacturing plants, managing more than 150,000 square metres of manufacturing space, PowerLink is committed to designing and producing top quality power equipment. Globally we have used more than 150,000 engines from MAN, MWM, John Deere, Volvo, Kubota, Cummins and Perkins, ensuring that we deliver on our commitments.

PowerLink Australia is based in Smithfield, NSW and Kenwick, WA. The consistent high quality of our products and our commitment to our customers have made PowerLink a trusted brand across industries.

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PowerLink’s quality assurance program covers the entire process, from R&D and engineering to supply chain management and manufacturing. All PowerLink Australia products are manufactured in accordance with this quality assurance program, ensuring they adhere to AU/NZ electrical standards and are operationally safe.


We understand that our clients need their power equipment delivered promptly to minimise downtime. We maintain a comprehensive stock of our products at our two supply centres in Australia, located in Smithfield NSW and Kenwick WA, to ensure fast and efficient delivery to our clients via our Distributor network


At PowerLink Australia, we have dedicated technical service teams at our two supply and service centres, as well as a nationwide service network, with outstanding knowledge to support all PowerLink products.

We can provide maintenance, regular servicing, load testing, diagnosing and repairing of your power equipment through our service teams and network. Performing regular servicing and maintenance checks ensures that our products continue to operate with optimal performance. Our service teams can place clients on regular servicing arrangements (from monthly to yearly), dependent on the requirements of the equipment, eliminating any hassle in arranging for regular services and maintenance inspections.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Diesel generators


As both the manufacturer and supplier of our products, we have expert product knowledge that we share with our clients. Whether it’s a simple question or a complex technical issue, we are happy to help our clients any way we can.


  • Protecting the environment is our top priority at PowerLink.
  • We believe that environmental protection is the primary responsibility of management and employees.
  • Reducing or eliminating waste generation is a major consideration during the design and operation of our products.
  • PowerLink has an ISO 14001 certification (AZ/NZS Environment Management System Certification), which demonstrates our commitment and management of important environmental issues. We are committed to protecting the environment through continuous improvement and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.


  • Give you tailor-made solutions for you and your business
  • Provide advanced technical advice
  • Meet your toughest requirements while protecting the environment at the same time
  • Provide different packaging options, such as wooden pallets or reusable metal structures
  • Provide marketing related solutions, such as packaging with your company logo
  • Solve any logistics problems for you


We hold a comprehensive range of spare parts covering all PowerLink products that are available to purchase. All spare parts can be installed by either our service teams or wider service network.

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